José Ricardo Álvarez Botero, Psy. D.

José Ricardo Álvarez Botero, Psy. D.
Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology
Wright State University of Ohio, USA

Tel.: 571-2592466 Bogotá, Colombia
Cel.: 3102817928

As a Consultant, to work in programs of human development; formation of organizational leaders to deal with crisis, transitions and prospective in the Organization.
As a clinical psychologist, to provide psychological services in psycho- diagnostics and psychotherapy, short and long term, both to individuals and in group settings.
As a professor, teacher and instructor, using my professional experience of 32 years both in graduate and undergraduate level, designing and implementation of training programs and supervision for clinical practitioners in different formation levels.

Areas of interest include: different models of brief and intensive psychotherapy, crisis intervention, psycho-diagnostics with the use of different approaches as well as clinical instruments addressing personality, intelligence and psychopathology issues; adult psychopathology, psychology of bereavement, grieving, dying and death. Different psychological approaches to treat depression, gender issues and interpersonal relationships.

Other areas of interest include training and teaching assessment and accompaniment of personal or group processes; training of university teachers and instructors, clinical psychologists and health care specialists, clergy and other providers helping in conflict resolution at different levels: intrapersonal, couple, family and community.


Sept. 1991 - Sept. 1995
Wright State University
School of Professional Psychology
Dayton, Ohio
Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (Psychology Doctor, Psy. D.)
Sept. 15, 1995
Fully approved by the American Psychological Association

Jun 1990 - Jun. 1991
Xavier University
Cincinnati, Ohio

Graduate Studies in Clinical Psychology Program
Completion of requirements to accede to a Doctoral level program
January 1991 to June 1991

English As a Second Language Program (E.S.L.)
June 1990 to December 1990

Jan 1976 – Jun 1987
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Bogotá, D.C.
Colombia, South America


Professional Psychologist

Philosophy, basic cycle

Pre-doctoral experience

Ball State University´s Psychological Services Center
Muncie, Indiana
2.000 hours of supervised clinical practice
Supervisors: Jay Zimmerman, Ph.D., H.S.P.P.
Caroline Curlin, Ph.D., H.S.P.P.
The center is fully accredited by the A.P.A. and offers a variety of services. Its specialization deals with models of brief, intense psychotherapy, individual and group, while supporting doctoral candidates to offer longer term interventions (one year) to a selected two clients as part of the Doctoral Intern’s formation as psychotherapist. Other areas of emphasis are consulting, mental health wellness program for the University members at different levels. Topics of intervention highlight stress management, suicide prevention, crisis intervention, couples’ therapy and supervision of psychologists attending a Masters’ degree program in Counseling Psychology.

Wright State University
Duke Ellis Human Development Institute
Dayton, Ohio
800 (+) supervised clinical practicum.
Supervisor: Faye Schwelitz, Ph.D., Psy. D.

The Institute provides a large variety of psychological services for people from different social and economic levels, as well of different ages and conditions.
Special relationships with the Justice system is stressed, particularly in issues related to forensic psychology, domestic violence, sexual offenses. Ellis Institute also offers psychological evaluations and assessments to patients who will receive psychotherapy. Most used instruments include: WAIS-R, WRAT-R, Bender- Gestalt, Woodcock-Johnson, MMPI (1 y 2), HTP, TAT, Myers-Briggs, Rorschach (Exner Comprehensive System), MCMI (II y III). Main cases I have worked with, in the Institute include: adjustment and anxiety disorders, stress management, suicide prevention, crisis intervention, couples and children therapy, sexual abuse are

Wright State University
Psychological Services Center
Dayton, Ohio
800 (+) supervised clinical practicum.
Supervisor: Nancy Schindler, Psy. D.
The Center offers individual and group therapy for Wright State University students. Psychologists in this practicum perform diagnostics and assessments depending upon the consulting program. Psychotherapy both in group or individual settings is also offered, stressing intensive, brief psychotherapy. Most common presenting problems to address are: depression, Post Stress Traumatic Dissorder, Stress management, anxiety, adjustment disorders, decision making, grief, low self-esteem, interpersonal and couple relationship problems.

Colegio Mayor de San Bartolomé
Servicio de Asesoría Psicológica
(Psychological Services Center)
Bogotá, D.C.

Two semesters of supervised, pre-professional practicum linked to Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, making emphasis in clinical and educational psychology. Primary supervisor was Dr. Ulises Santaella, M.D.
Practicum time included more than 1300 working hours with the adult night-school students and sometimes with students in day Schedule. Services provided included personal and group counseling, family and couples. Other presenting problems included personal relationships, communication psychology, low self-esteem, learning and cognitive styles. Once every semester a special time was dedicated to the selection of prospective students of the Institution (interviews, assessment, etc.). Also, the Center offered vocational and career counseling for those at the ending year of High School.

Other Professional activities

Clinical Psychology in Private Practice
Consultant in Organizational Psychology

Colombian Provincial Assistant for Formation

Main activities include:
The direction and coordination of formation processes for Colombia Province, Society of Jesus (The Jesuits).
Candidate selection to the Jesuits, continuing the structure and procedures designed by me since year 2000. Besides individual clinical interviews, Psycho-diagnostic tests were applied to more than 160 candidates using different instruments such as MMPI-1, MMPI-2, MCMI-3, MACI, MMPI-A, 16PF ver. 5, Neo Pi-R, Wartegg (8 y 16 fields) HTP, Machover, MBTI. Similar approaches were used as a Consultant and clinical psychologist for other Ecclesiastical organizations.

Assisting the Colombian Jesuit Provincial in all the required human resources interventions.

Consultant and Clinical Psychologist of Bogota Archdiocese, other Colombian Dioceses and other male and female Religious Orders and Congregations in topics related to crisis prevention and management of sexual abuse issues reaching the Media. Designing of attention, prevention and intervention plans for victims of sexual abuse in Church settings.

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Clinical Psychology)
School of Psychology
• Academic Dean, School of Psychology
• Head of the Psychology Department
• Clinical Psychology Professor
• Professor of the graduate program: Junguian Analytical Psychology for psychologists and other mental health professionals. 4 editions of the program.
• Professor of the graduate program: Psychological attention in crisis and emergency. Designed for different professionals (lawyers, psychologists, social workers) working in the State’s Centers for Family crisis.
• Instructor and conductor of formation workshops for University professors from Javeriana University at Bogota and at Cali, Colombia. Participants were from different Schools and programs, as well as from the Javeriana University administration. Average, 4 two-day workshops per semester.
• Instructor and conductor of Junguian workshops for certified Coaches in Colombia, held in two major cities in Colombia. Average, 1 workshop every two months.

Research and Publications
Diverse publications in topics relating Clinical Psychology and Spirituality, in Spanish Language; international distribution and editions.


Alvarez, J.R. (1993) “Perspectives in Psychotherapy and Religion”
Wright State University, School of Professional Psychology. Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A. Doctoral Dissertation defended 8 of Diciembre de 1993. Director, Dr. Susan Pollock, Ph.D.

Alvarez, J.R. (1987) “La acción Creadora y Soteriológica de la Psicoterapia” (The creative and soteriological action of psychotherapy)
Published in en Theologica Xaveriana, #82 Santafé de Bogotá, D.C., Jan - March 1987 pp. 109-130

Alvarez, J.R., (1985) “Aportaciones Psicoanalíticas al proceso de Acompañamiento espiritual” (Psychoanalytical contributions to the process of spiritual accompaniment)
Published in Reflexiones C.I.R.E. (Revista internacional de Espiritualidad) #23 Santafé de Bogotá, D.C., pp. 19-35

Alvarez, J.R., (1983) “Características Comportamentales del Niño con Maltrato Físico Sub-clínico”. (Behavioral characteristics of sub-clinical physically abused children)
Tesis de Grado en Psicología para obtener el título de Psicólogo Profesional por la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Santafé de Bogotá D.C. Directora de Tesis, Dra. Blanca Victoria de Angarita.

Special Mentions and awards

E. Scott Redman Scholarship Award
Presented by The School of Professional Psychology, Wright State University, en 1992.
Acknowledging the “unusually strong commitment to community service and pursuit of principles, as well as outstanding academic achievements, multifaceted interests and persistence in overcoming life’s potential obstacles.”

Xavier University Scholarship Award
Granted by Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio en 1990
Includes English as a Second Language studies as well as graduate studies in clinical psychology.
Other more relevant training programs

Ohio Academy of Hypnotherapy, Division of Hypnotherapy Education
Beavercreek, Ohio., U.S.A.
“Intensive training in Hypnotherapy”.
Specialists’ team coordinator, Patty McCormick, Ph.D. Emphasis in hypnotherapy according to the Eriksonian model. Degree granted: Hypnotherapist. Special practice with surviving patients of traumatic events.

Ball State University, Department of Peace Studies
Muncie, Indiana, U.S.A
“Psychology of Mediation and Peaceful Conflict Resolution”
Jay Zimmerman, Ph.D., specialists’ team coordinator. With participation of Arun Gandhi from the International Institute for non-violence studies.

Ball State University’s Psychological Services Center and The Ball State Professional Psychological Clinic
“DSM-IV: A Practitioner´s Guide to Clinical Use”
Caroline Curlin, Ph. D., HSPP.

Indiana Psychiatric Society
Methodist Hospital of Indiana, Divisions of Academic Affairs and Continuing Medical Education
Indinanapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.
“St. Sigmund and the Soul: What do Religion and Psychotherapy have to teach each other?”
Oct. 1994 Presented by a team of specialists

American Health Care Institute
Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.
“Healing the Father Wound: Dealing with Loss, Abandonment, Abuse and Criticism”.
Sept. 1994.

Milford Spirituality Center
Milford, Ohio, U.S.A.
“Healing for Healers: Bioenergetics for Therapists”
Presenter: Pamela L. Chubbock, MA., CBT
Nov. 1993

Wright State University´s Psychological Services Center
Dayton, Ohio., U.S.A.
“Solution Focused Psychotherapy and Strategic Rapid Intervention”
Mary Talen Ph.D. y Scott Fraser, Ph.D., Winter and Spring, 1993

Wright State University’s School of Professional Psychology
Dayton, Ohio., U.S.A.
“Professional Burnout”.
Gary Ackerley, Ph.D., May 1993

Wright State University’s School of Professional Psychology
Dayton, Ohio., U.S.A.
“Sexual Harassment: Ethical and Legal Concerns”
W. Rodney Hammond, Ph.D. y Kathleen Glauss, Ph.D., Psy.D. Feb. 1992

Wright State University’s School of Professional Psychology
Dayton, Ohio., U.S.A.
Involvement of Psychologists in Communities and Community Service”
Presented by James T. Webb, Ph.D. Oct. 1991

Kathleen Glauss, Ph.D., Psy.D.
Dean of Academic and Student Affairs
Wright State University
School of Professional Psychology
Dayton, Ohio., U.S.A.
(+) (513) 873-3492

Nancy Schindler, Psy.D.
Wright State University
School of Professional Psychology
Dayton, Ohio., U.S.A.
(+) (513) 873-3406

Faye Schwelitz, Ph.D., Psy.D.
Wright State University
School of Professional Psychology
Dayton, Ohio., U.S.A.
(+) (513) 873- 4300

Jay Zimmerman, Ph.D., HSPP
Training Director
Ball State University
Psychological Services Center
Lucina Hall, 320
Muncie, Indiana 47306-0895
Tel (+) 317- 285 1736

Caroline Curlin, Ph.D., HSPP
Ball State University
Psychological Services Center
Lucina Hall, 320
Muncie, Indiana 47306-0895
Tel (+) 317- 285 1736

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